Sunday, April 11, 2010

Washington D.C.

Over spring break we went to Washington D.C. My mom, dad, and me. We will start at the begining. On Sunday we went to some old plantation houses. One was where the first Thanksgiving was.
The next day we went to a theme park called Old Dominion. Which was pretty much just like Lagoon only with more extreem rides. And after that we went to Colonial Williamsburg for ten minutes to pick up a map for later in the week.

Dad on his favorite ride
What Dad an I did the whole trip.
The next day was our first day in D.C. We rode a bus that was a double decker and we got stuck on the top for two hours. We were a little sunburnt after but mostly annoyed. These are from the top of the bus.

Arlington National Cemetary. Wow don't I look pretty?
Then we went to the Gaylord hotel. Wow talk about nice! It had a giant inside garden and hotels and wow it was awesome. They had THE BEST chocolate cake ever. And it was on the Patomac with and awesome view.

The next day we went back to D.C and had a private tour of the Capital then we went to the air and space museum on the way to the Holocaust museum. At the holocaust museum there was a permanent exebet that you had to get tickets for but they were all sold out. That was really what mom wanted to go to but just as we were standing there a woman came up and she was giving three tickets back so instead she gave them to us! The tickets were for 4:30 so we went to the Washington Monument and the Lincoln Monument while we waited.
Here we are outside the house of rep. Jasons office building whos staff took us on the tour.
Me and one of Utahs statues in the Capital. Each state gets to send two and this one is Brigham Young.
The next day we went to Jamestown, Yorktown, and Williamsburg. They were great to see the historical sites. On Friday we went back to D.C. and went to the spy museum, the Museum of American History which has all of the First ladies inogural ball gowns, and the Nation Archives. On Saturday we went to Mount Vernon and then flew home. It was a great trip but i love being home!