Thursday, May 21, 2009

The Bees

Last weekend we all went to the Bees game (Eric, Shy and Gage are missing from this pic, they were out getting their animal balloons). We had a ton of fun. We played musical chairs the entire time each taking turns with the wiggly ones. We got one seat for the little boys to share because we figured they'd be standing most of the time anyway. It's a good thing there were extra seats near by because this is what they did the whole time they shared. They are dressed the same but it was not planned, just a cute, ironic coincident. The three older kids held hands when they went into the park and over to the play area. Gage and Shy were in a constant battle over how to hold their hands. It was quite entertaining. On the way back from the play area, they even let little Max join in.
Just before the end of the game the Bees mascot came over by out seats. We got this cute picture while they waited in line for their turn to meet him. Thanks for taking us mom and dad!